Loren M. Blinde, PhD

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Imagine this…

It’s 9:02 pm.  Rubbing your eyes, you finally close the project folder as a vacuum cleaner whines to life in an office down the hall.  When’s the last time I left before the cleaners arrived?  you wonder.  But as you get up to pack your briefcase, your eye settles on the piles of stuffed folders, each representing another project.  All yours, since your department’s staff has been cut in half.  Looks like you’ll be keeping the night crew company for a while.

Or this…

You’re excited, and you’re not alone.  The strategic meeting invigorated the whole team.  This company’s potential is limitless, you think.  But your new direction also means new projects, new marketing material, new web content…all on top of your current job responsibilities.  Now a new feeling joins the excitement: panic.  How are you going to find the time to actually move in this promising new direction?

Or even this…

You stare at the computer screen, unable to believe what you’re seeing.  The copy is muddy, unfocused – it’s as if the writer is trying to hide the product rather than promote it.  If only they’d get it right!  But it’ll take twice as long for you to redo it.

All of these scenarios have two things in common.  One, they’re each becoming routine in our do-more-with-less working world.   Two, they each have the same solution.  Whether you can identify with any of the above situations or not, if you want to move your organization forward while making time for yourself to focus on other priorities, you need professional help.

You need to boost your organization’s writing power.

And you’re in luck, because that’s just what I do.  I have spent the last 10 years teaching people how to communicate effectively in writing, and I’ll put that experience to work for you.  I write engaging, audience-driven copy that gets results.